Our Services

Capital Raising Service

Our third party marketing service is non-exclusive. Our distribution channel comprises of institutional investors and financial advisor networks globally (excluding USA) with a strong coverage in Europe.

We do not charge retainer or any expenses relating to our marketing activity. Our commission is solely based on our asset gathering success.

We cover all alternative fund strategies, traditional funds and listed funds in both the developed and emerging markets. 

We tailor marketing plans to the individual circumstances and goals of our manager clients. Our flexible approach means that our clients can get a level of service similar to that of an exclusive agreement, whilst embracing the benefits of parallel distribution. Our approach will increase the chance of finding investors who target your particular fund.

We work closely with fund managers on strategy, market positioning, developing market intelligence, preparation of marketing material, presentation meetings with investors, regular follow ups/updates and acting as client liaison to investors throughout the allocation period.

We constantly look for talented fund managers who look to grow assets. We require from our fund managers strong commitment to deliver the performance, which the fund strategy aims to deliver and to actively provide information relating to the fund(s) and the asset class timely.

Advisory Service and Fund Set-Up/New Launch

Among other qualitative and quantitative aspects of a fund, the right fund structure and fund terms are among the key factors for the European investors to consider your funds.

We provide the solution for fund managers with proven track records to launch their fund product in a UCITS fund vehicle.

We offer investment managers a turnkey solution that delivers all the necessary fund documentation, along with access to a selection of top-tier service providers.

We have a close network of relationships throughout a wide range of distribution channels across UK and Europe, delivering a deep and more stable capital base for managers.