Ukraine & Global Commodities

Rawcliffe, 4 March 2014, Commodity-Now

The crisis in Ukraine has introduced new event risk for commodity markets. Commodities play an important role for the Ukrainian economy since exports account for around 50% of Ukrainian GDP, of which commodities account for around 60% of all exports

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Be smart with smart beta

September 2013 (Magazine) by Stefan, Investment&Pensions Europe

Stefan Dunatov emphasises the importance of consistency between strategy, investment beliefs and implementation when exploiting techniques like smart beta

One of the perennial debates in economics and financial markets is around market efficiency. A related debate in recent years has been how to use ‘smart beta’ techniques to exploit the perceived inefficiencies discussed in these debates. My own view is that, at a micro-economic level, markets are broadly efficient. There may be varying degrees to this efficiency and the ability of markets to clear and the like but, by and large, markets tend to be either the best allocators of resources we have, or the best starting point for policy decisions.

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